The 2017 Rooted in Reading Implementation Plan for Schools

Here is a suggested plan to help schools set up and embed the reading promotion project, Rooted in Reading.


Decide on target year group(s) and their needs

Decide on delivery model: English department/library/year team/whole school

Collect baseline data

Before and after surveys can be downloaded from our website, teacher assessments, reading age test scores, school and public library borrowing data.


Decide on appropriate passports

Order passports, posters, stamps, badges etc – go to the Lincolnshire Teaching School Alliance website.


Consider book resources – can they be improved?

School, department and class libraries. Can public library and Schools’ Library Service stock be accessed?

Use of spreadsheet to record progress through passports against individual and class group targets – this can be downloaded from

Requirements of Book Mark

Download the evidence collection sheet from


Buzz around passports

Bookmarks, posters and certificates downloadable from LTSA. Assemblies, displays, letters to parents, links to school reward system. Use the Rooted in Reading films which you can find here.

Competition to collect stamps

Ensure that teachers and learners are very clear about who has the stamps and remind them that public libraries can also stamp passports if you provide them with one.

Community passport

Displayed prominently in the school foyer and any member of the school community who has read a book can be encouraged to contribute.

Teacher’s Passport – the latest addition to the passport family aims to get teachers reading more and shows the learners that we are all involved in the same endeavour.


Assemblies to give out passport completion certificates and badges.

Certificates can be downloaded from the LTSA website.

Apply for Book Mark.

Inform local press and share success with parents, teachers and governors.

Consider introduction of wider range of passports.

See poster for details of the full range of Rooted in Reading passports. Order passports through LTSA.




2 thoughts on “The 2017 Rooted in Reading Implementation Plan for Schools

  1. I love the ‘whole school’ aspect of this approach to encourage. In my opinion, and from my experience, the most powerful way to affect a cultural shift around reading is to get every student, every parent, every member of staff and every governor involved. The message then becomes really clear and the students know it’s for ‘all’, not weak students or more able students. We have just yesterday been highly praised by Ofsted for this systematic approach to reading.

    1. That’s great Mark and thanks for the comment. Do you use Rooted in Reading passports in your school or would you like me to send you some samples? If the latter, just DM me a postal address.

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