I am currently a Secondary Education Development Officer working for the Education Department of the States of Guernsey in the Channel Islands. This gives me the opportunity to work very closely with the head teachers and other senior and middle leaders of the three High Schools on the island of Guernsey and also of St Anne’s School in Alderney. Work streams I am concentrating on with colleagues at the moment include re-writing the KS3 and 4 curriculum statements, writing an island-wide literacy policy and strategy and thinking about the best approach to KS4 qualifications after 2016.

From 2006-13 I was a Senior School Improvement Consultant with CfBT Eduction Trust, based in Lincolnshire. I was the lead English consultant and managed a team which delivered training and support to all the 60 secondary schools in the county.

Over the past 4 years I have set up and developed a reading for pleasure promotion project called Rooted in Reading. This is based on a set of 14 reading passports that are designed to encourage readers of different ages and circumstances to get more out of their reading experiences by promoting them to write brief evaluatory comments about the texts they read. Accounts of the impact that the project has had in specific schools can be found on the Rooted in Reading website and on the Guardian blog. A research report examining the wider impact of Rooted in Reading was published by CfBT and launched at the World Literacy summit in Oxford in 2012 and can be downloaded here. Two short films have been made about the project, showing teachers, pupils, Morris Gleitzman (the project’s patron, and Michael Rosen talking about how it works in schools and these can be viewed here for the primary version and here for the secondary version.

The passports are distributed for us by the National Association for the Teaching of English and can be viewed and purchased via their virtual bookshopThe prices of the passports have been kept low so that they are within the reach of as many schools as possible. CfBT is a non-profit organisation so any returns are ploughed back into educational work for public benefit. NATE takes a cut and I am very pleased that the project is doing its bit to support this brilliant organisation.

Rooted in Reading has gained national and international attention. In March 2012 the Transition Passport, which aims to improve primary-secondary transition in reading, was mentioned in the Ofsted report Moving English Forward which can be downloaded here.. Then in May 2012 it was prominently referred to in the DfE ESARD research review on reading for pleasure, which you can download here

During 2012 the Lincolnshire CfBT English and Literacy team devised, wrote and published a range of practical literacy resources which can now also be bought via the NATE bookshop. These include Communication for Learning , which outlines ways to embed literacy objectives in all subjects, a SPAG booklet for primary and secondary pupils to use as a reference guide and in which evidence of skill acquisition can be recorded across all subject areas and Writing Placemats that ensure that different subject teachers and pupils all know what it expected when different writing genres are attempted. I will gradually cover more of these resources in greater detail in specific posts over the coming weeks but, in the meantime, feel free to browse the bookshop.



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