Personal Best – growth mindset and literacy

   Personal Best is a new book of sports stories for kids set in Guernsey and Alderney written by the well known writer of books linked to football and rugby, Tom Palmer. For more details about his writing and literacy work click here. On Thursday 16 July we will be holding a launch party and press event […]

Co-constructing revision approaches with learners using SRSD

  On Monday I attended the annual Guernsey Headteachers’ and Leaders’ Conference where the speaker was Shirley Clarke. One of the things she reminded us of was the importance of involving learners in the co-creation of success criteria. With this in mind I have decided on a slightly different approach to the revision sessions I will […]

Professional Capital and TIFF – Thoughts on Chapter 5 Part 2 of Hargreaves and Fullan

Hargreaves and Fullan now move on to the final part of their professional capital equation, DC – decisional capital as in PC = F (HC, SC, DC). They define this as “the capital professionals require and accumulate through structured and unstructured experiences, practice, and reflection.” This, like all other skills, is something which improves with […]

Thoughts on chapter 5 of Hargreaves’ and Fullan’s Professional Capital

Teaching is complicated. Learners’ needs are multifarious and educational systems and qualifications frameworks are complex and ever-changing. Schools face challenging circumstances and teachers need to be talented and robust to thrive in this context. In order to “teach like a pro” teachers need to be highly qualified, rigorously trained, have access to highly experienced mentors […]

The Strategic Sequence

When I was working with English departments across Lincolnshire we were regularly asked to conduct departmental reviews. Following time spent with the department team, watching them teach, looking at books, scrutinising schemes of work and talking to learners it would usually fall to me to write up the report. After a time I began to […]

Analogue Learning: an introduction

Clearly there is rarely, if ever, a good time to introduce a new educational concept and the start of the Christmas vacation could well be the worst possible time. However, I’ve been mulling on this for a while and I’m increasingly convinced there is something in it, so here goes. Firstly, let’s be very clear […]